Welcome to APTLD84: Seoul, South Korea, 19–20 September 2023


The time of the Meeting is the South Korea Time (UTC+9)

Day 1.
19 September
Session Venue

Registration & Morning Coffee

Lobby by Schubert Hall (31st floor)

Introductory Session

This short session is intended to set the tone for the Meeting and needless to say, some congratulatory words are most welcome, too.

MC: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

  • Ai-chin LU, APTLD Board Chair
  • Hyun-O-Kwon, Vice President of KISA
Schubert Hall (31st floor)

Session 1

Partner Organizations' Updates

A part of a vibrant regional ecosystem, APTLD has consistently developed working relations with numerous peers, who this time are joining us to offer their congratulations on the APTLD’s 25 th anniversary.

Moderator: Ai-chin Lu, TWNIC

  • Jia-Rong Low, ICANN
  • Kim Davies, PTI/IANA
  • Alejandra Reynoso, ccNSO (remotely)
  • Rocío de la Fuente, LACTLD (remotely)
  • Joyce Chen, APNIC
  • Amrita Choudhury, APRALO (remotely)
  • Waqas Hassan, APrIGF (remotely)
Schubert Hall (31st floor)
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break Lobby by Schubert Hall (31st floor)

Session 2

Members' Updates

In the session, we traditionally have newcomers and APTLD Fellows update on developments in their organizations.

Moderator: Boyoung Kim, KISA

  • Tenanoia Simona, Tuvalu Telecommunications/.TV
  • Soulivanh Sengdara, LANIC/.LA
  • Sami Ali, TRA of Bahrain/.BH
  • Samer Tamini, MODEE/.JO
  • Azizbek Kadyrov, UZINFOCOM/.UZ
  • Nishara Kavindi, LK Domain Registry/.LK
  • Russel Deka Harada, PGUOT/.PG
Schubert Hall (31st floor)
12:30-13:30 Lunch

Session 3

Towards 2030: Reimagining the ccTLDs and Their Role in the Internet Ecosystem
A High-level ccTLD Leadership Panel Discussion

The Internet and the society keep evolving so rapidly that leave no time for thinking ahead. Yet, the effort is worth trying, ‘cause the future will soon be a thing of the past. The panel will try to share the community’s understanding of the process and its potential outcomes.

Moderator: Peter Dengate Thrush

  • Gihan Dias, LK Domain Registry
  • Jordan Carter, auDA
  • Evgeni Kuskevich, .SU
  • Jungsup Park, KISA
  • Danko Jevtović, ICANN
Schubert Hall (31st floor)
14:30-14:40 Technical Break -

Session 4A [Venue: Schubert Hall (31st floor)]

ccTLDs and Advancement of Universal Acceptance
An endless discussion on one of the most plumbing issues will this time focus on ways and means for ccTLDs to leverage UA, whether by hook or by crook.

Moderator: Sami Ali, TRA of Bahrain

  • Dejan Đukić, RNIDS
  • Maria Kolesnikova & Vadim Mikhailov, Coordination Center .RU/.РФ
  • Anil Kumar Jain, UASG (remotely)
  • Katarina Gevorkyan, ISOC AM
  • Hanul Park, KISA
  • Sarmad Hussain, ICANN (remotely)

Session 4B [Venue: Ivy Hall (19th floor)]

With Ruler and Astrolabe: DNS Measurement: Tools and Practices
At the core of a ccTLD’s operation, valuable metrics and analytics are important for high-quality monitoring of DNS, so the question is how to pick and use the best of them.

Moderator: Imran Hossen, Eyhost
  • Olga Baskakova, Coordination Center .RU/.РФ
  • Jiankang Yao, CNNIC
  • Mikhail Anisimov, ICANN
  • Pinky Brand, IQ Global
  • Minjae Lee, KISA
15:40-15:50 Technical Break -

Session 5A [Venue: Schubert Hall (31st floor)]

Tales of Hatred and Intolerance: ccTLDs in Combat against DNS Abuse
The session will address the causes and stats of the acute challenge, along with stories from ccTLDs that have been at pains to bring about the much-needed change.

Moderator: Irina Danelia, Coordination Center .RU/.РФ

  • Raedene McGary, Tucows
  • Žarko Kecić, RNIDS
  • Rowena Schoo, DNS Abuse Institute (remotely)
  • Michael Akana, CleanDNS

Session 5B [Venue: Ivy Hall (19th floor)]

Technical Challenges and Ways to Address them
ccTLDs are always apt to discuss potential security challenges and ways to tackle them and here is a great expert to share his insights with us in a solo gig.

Moderator: Steph Viljoen, auDA
  • Peter Thomassen, deSEC e.V./SSE (remotely)
17:15 Leaving for the APTLD 25th Anniversary Gala
18:30-21:00 The Official Group Photo & APTLD 25th Anniversary Gala at: Samcheong-gak

See more about Samcheong-gak at: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294197-d502576-Reviews-Samcheonggak-Seoul.html

21:00 Return to the venue hotel
Day 2.
20 September
Session Venue
09:00-10:00 Morning Coffee -

Session 6A [Venue: Schubert Hall (31st floor)]

Innovation and Digitalization at a ccTLD
No doubt life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits; yet, ccTLDs must adapt to the new reality; otherwise, once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.

Moderator: Jonathan Shea
  • Askhat Gimranov, UZINFOCOM
  • John Sihar Simanjuntak, PANDI
  • Stephen Deerhake, .AS Registry
  • Tommy Ho & Sonia Dhaddy, GoDaddy (remotely)
  • Shubham Saran, NIXI (remotely)

Session 6B[Venue: Ivy Hall (19th floor)]

The Twin Brother to Honesty: Leveraging Whois Accuracy
While accuracy is believed to be the twin brother of honesty; inaccuracy is a near kin to falsehood- an unaffordable luxury to a ccTLD striving for excellence.

Moderator: Rajiv Kumar, NIXI
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, VNNIC
  • Steph Viljoen, auDA
  • Byoung-il Oh, Jinbo Network Center
  • Howard Li, ICANN (remotely)
11:00-11:20 Technical Break -

Session 7A [Venue: Schubert Hall (31st floor)]

Towards a Greener Internet:ccTLDs and the Low-Carbon Footprint Agenda
We’d sure love to connect with nature but it has no USB port, so the session will explore the ways to do it regardless.

Moderator: Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, VNNIC
  • Raedene McGary, Tucows (remotely)
  • Steph Viljoen, auDA
  • YeongCheol Lim, KISA
  • Jinhyung Jeon, KISA
  • Thai Huu Ly, VNNIC
  • Andi Budimansyah, PANDI

Session 7B[Venue: Ivy Hall (19th floor)]

Technical Means to Fight Phishing
Many lived through phishing attacks but very few turned them into sushi, so the session should help members become qualified sushi chefs.

Moderator: Hiro Hotta, JPRS
  • Dinushika Dissanayaka, LK Domain Registry
  • Michael Akana, CleanDNS
  • Pinky Brand, IQ Global
  • Ching Chiao, Whois API, LLC (remotely)
12:20-13:30 Lunch

Session 8A Venue: Schubert Hall (31st floor)]

That Roaring Sound: R-R-R as Registry-Registrar Relations in Today’s Industry

Moderator: Keith Davidson (remotely)
  • Dusan Stojicevic, Gransy
  • Fumi Yoneda, JPRS
  • Munir Badr, it.com
  • Suhayb Al-Ghutaymil, SaudiNic
  • Yaechan Kim, KISA

Session 8B [Venue: Ivy Hall (19th floor)]

Cyber Security (Closed, For APTLD Members Only)

Moderator: Chae Tae Im, KISA
Facilitator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD
  • Lee Jae Kwang, KISA
  • Sang Jin Oh, Korea University
14:30-15:00 Coffee Break -

Session 9

Dodging the Bullet: Splinternet, its Effects on ccTLDs, and Ways to Avoid Them

Moderator: Isobel Egerton, InternetNZ

  • Evgeni Kuskevich, .SU
  • Rajnesh Singh, ISOC
  • Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwachter, EuroSSIG (remotely)
  • Prof. In Tae Yoo, Dankook University
  • Danko Jevtović, ICANN
Schubert Hall (31st floor)

Concluding Session

Moderator: Yuri Takamatsu, JPRS

  • APTLD84 Fellows’ Takeaways
  • The High-Level Meeting and Statement Report
  • APTLD85 Host’s Introductory Presentation and Inauguration of the APTLD85 Website
  • APTLD85 Agenda Bashing
  • APTLD Chair’s Concluding Remarks and Closure of the Meeting
Schubert Hall (31st floor )

Board Retreat

VIP Room (19th floor)
Day 3.
21 September
9:00- 14:00

Members' Networking Event

(Details will be shared with registered participants)

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